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[Android games] Alternative Girls with VR option

Ever wish to look at cute anime girl character in Virtual Reality just by using your phone? Alternative Girls, a Japanese mobile phone game by CyberAgent Inc.  allows you to do just that.


Not interested yet? Lemme tell you a hint: The red middle girl is voiced by the seiyuu of Azunyan (K-on!). There are quite a lot of popular seiyus among them. Oh yeah, did I ever mentioned they get cat/dogs ear and tail when they fight? ❤


The OP song also so good. I can just listen to it looping all day long.


Now then, below this start the copy pasta from a reddit thread.


Q: What is オールターナティブ・ガールズ (Alternative Girls)?

A: A game created by CyberAgent,inc. that has some of the mechanics of BGHS namely card sub slots to increase girls stats, special training to increase affection and the use of cheer points to reduce special training time. This game was released on July 20, 2016. This game supports an optional accessory calledVR Goggles to view the game in a 3D environment. It also uses the IPAD’s camera for you to look left and right in very few parts of the game. It also provides FULL VOICE story mode except the player. The downside of this game is that they implemented the stamina system for quests and another stamina system for PVP (You against another player’s AI defense)

Story: Welcome to Hitomi Academy. A Place dedicated to destroying monsters called “Night Beasts” In this game, you are referred to as “captain” and is in charge of 2 classes of girls (6 each). I think these girls are referred to as Alterna



___________________________ (/end copypasta)

Unfortunately my phone don’t have gyroscope, so I can’t use VR. Well, not that I have VR headset, but I figured I should just try it anyway. Besides, we can make a DIY VR using some cardboard and that Google Cardboard app.

The game is Japan-region-lock to download, so you need to use alternative route to get it. For me it was QooApp.

I have played the game a little bit, and while I don’t have VR, I feels like the game draw me in. Maybe because every lines is voiced despite the characters are pretty much every stereotypes of anime characters. Or there is something unique about each of them I don’t really know coz I can’t understand all their saying. And as you level up the affection level(i think?) the  interaction with them increased.


The mechanic of using Cooldown without any cost is interesting. currently my main 4-star team has 2 heal, 1 revive, and 2 sleep skills. I think the max was the 5 star. Just by using these 4 without paying, I have reached rank 5 by choosing only weaker opponents. It does have strategy, but I don’t really what each skill does except the elemental mechanics. Oh, and I hate poison in the game. >_>;

I think this girl  Hiiragi Tsumugi is so freaking cute though. Damn I wanna eat- I mean pat her. >_>; She is my favourite in the game.


She keep saying “Neko-nya Onii-chan” so cute ❤

In summary about the characters:


Miyaka – the cheerful, (voice of Azunyan yay) is the cheerful optimistic girl leader of Fressia Dog. I think she is the only one I don’t get bored at all after the Tsumugi-chan.

Shion- Mother like, or big sister chara.

Sakurako – Imagine Nico Nico Ni, but minus the evil part. Cute, but can get annoying at times.

Naomi – Genki sport girl.

Yui – interesting quiet librarian. I think. >_>; She was in a library in one event.

Machi – Some people might gonna call her best magical gun girl. 😛 But yeah, both mature and actually amazingly strong in stats. I just somehow don’t have any 3-4 stars of her at all.


Nono – Leader and big sister of the class.

Airi – this class genki girl. I think. Actually i dunno much about her.

Koharu – another calming girl. They said something about making sweets. My 4-star clothes version of her can revive others

Tsumugi – Cat girl. Interesting that she use pretty dangerous weapon though.

Rei – Unfortunately I dunno much about her.

Richter – very tall German girl. 😛




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