League of Legends

League of Legends – Star Guardians

 One of the cutest skin in League of Legends is Star Guardian Lux. And Riot just released info about more cute Star Guardian skin, making it officially Sailor Moon magical girl perfect parody. Maybe they are protector of The Star Forger 😛

Interesting to note, there are more info there that is similar to how we describe anime character like blood type and favourite food. Click the link for more info, I’m just putting the arts and summary of them here

I will protect the light until the last breath.

First is Lux. She is the leader of the Star Guardian. Certain cute sounding LoL female streamer love this skin. Hehe.

All this damn light gives me a headache! Just point me toward what needs blowing up.

Then it is Jinx, the newest member, which also pretty rebelious. Well, duh.

I’m a soldier, not a savior. Now get out of my way — I have a job to do.

Next is Poppy. YAY!  Her blue theme reminds me of Sayaka (Madoka Magica) but she is more serious type in this.

A Guardian may die, but their spirit never fades.
 And we have the beautiful Janna. She is the veteran in the team. Interesting to she has some sort fairy replacing her usual bird.
The light says hi, and that you’re safe with us.
Last but not least the cutest sailor moon- I mean star guardian Lulu! Since she is originally a sorceress she is made to be very magical type here. Unfortunately  I feel like the green color, doesn’t work well. Just my opinion. Looks good in arts, in-game could be better.

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