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[New Game!] Yun the cute lolita Creature Designer

Iijima Yun (飯島 ゆん) is one of the members of Eagle Jump company’s character design team. Voiced by Takeo Ayumi, she responsible mostly for monsters design (Creature Designer) in Fairies Story. Her birthday is December 6, she is 21 years old, Blood type A, 151cm tall. She has kansai-ben(dialect) that I actually didn’t realized most of the time.

I decided to write a bit more about this girl, because as I view it, she is the most overshadowed character in the series. So I wanted to bring her out a bit more. Even Nenechi has more spotlight than her now. Perhaps because Yun is trying to look normal in front of others. Well.. ignoring the occult work desk, she is most normal. Despite that, she might be the most important point of their tea time break for bringing tea and tea sets. Haha~ Reminds me of Mugi (K-on!)

I don’t know about in manga or if I miss it, but the anime series didn’t put an episode that focus more on her. As example, why she wear that clothes? Gothic lolita design chara? But she doesn’t seems to act like someone like that except the tea time? You know, like most gothic lolita is chunnibyou type…

Oh, just remember she draw disgustingly awesome monsters.

I just realized that she has pink eyes. I thought it was brown due to her blond hair and most of her clothes color scheme.I guess part of her charms are her being worried with her body like her flat-chest and her arms being fat. Puyo puyo~

She also quick to get drunk as Hajime sent Yun back home in ep 2. She said she can weirdly run only for 1 minute and get happy as she find out Aoba is similar to her. Aoba is extremely slow tho haha.

She is also busy being a tsukommi to Shinoa Hajime. They are good friends… Yun is necessary to control that genki girl swinging around light saber.

Teasing Hajime that tried to act cute:

But they worked together well as Hajime put motion on Yun’s monsters’ models.

She also has mature character I guess? Although it seems more like her being an adult while hiding her more childish part, like when she went to the cinema with her siblings.

Being a senior/senpai to cute Aoba she has responsibiity to show ropes to her. Well, she was afraid of her dangerous looking desk at first though.. haha.

It all goes well when they going to lunch together. Even here we can see the first start of Yun being overshadowed by Hajime.

Then they have some tea as Yun bring out her tea set. She make the company more relaxing place for Aoba.

That’s all for now. Despite her being among the main characters too, she is less memorable I think. Maybe some do, but others have more extremities that they get remembered more, like certain slightly airheaded small cutie… :3 Hopefully people see her more after this ending this note with more  Yun 🙂


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