League of Legends

The beginning of a noob journey in Lag of Legends

How did I started playing League of Legends, one game that has among most players in the world right now?

Since I had my first own laptop, I had the chance to play Defense of the Ancient(Dota) in the Warcraft 3 time. I wasn’t too great in the game. I lack a lot of thing a gamer should have, practices, eye-hand coordination, knowledge etc. The keybind was annoying too. While I was at it, I played very good at Fight of Characters(FoCs).

I like how they bind skills to generally 4 keys no matter which character u choose. P.S.: I was really good Kisame main for a noob gamer in FoCs. Come at me bro, 1v3 I can still win. Except against that one Gaara main from Singapore that will always, always win unless we 3v1 him and steal his farm.

And then, some junior in university introduced me to League of Legends(LoL). on that time, I still being superbly noob. I was playing Master Yi. Added to my laggy internet, and that time the laptop is like can only handle lowest of setting… I wasn’t too interested. Except for the QWER skills binding. And those bushes mechanics makes me “wow what I can go invisible in this bush?” mode.

Wow. And it was colorful, unlike dota. The characters design are unique for me. Some are similar to Dota heroes, but still feels its own original counterpart. After I spent some times reading the basics, I somehow have this click, i can play this I said to myself. I don’t really play that much though. I think that was Season 2 Garena LoL.


sometimes I dc-ed for no reason 😥

about 2 years later… I have new laptop. better internet. I practice properly this time. Mobafire guides became top in my Google Chrome browser history list. Still laggy as hell tho. So I opted for Coop VS AI. Seriously, do you want to try 1k ping in pvp, and keep disconnecting at beginning of game just to enter in a everyone level 6 u level 1 game? in AI, I can practice, farm champions, but didn’t makes life miserable for my teammates.

Now, I am pretty good with everything basic of the game. I am still suck in pvp tho. I also the kind that suitable to be tank or support. Coz I just tank damage. and since I was playing in 1000 ping, i have to predict what they gonna do and what I can do.  Still 300-500 ping lag, but at least i am fast enough to play a fast champion like Yasuo. you can say, I am better than beginner at least


I used to play a lot of this just for fun.

So that’s it. I am a noob AI player in League of Legends. they are many good design of characters. They are a lot of changes that make it very competitive, very interesting and reached a very good level now. As I look around my friends that play Dota 2 and they are like looking down on me saying LoL is an easy game, I smile.


I got first blood against this so-called Yasuo main. In showdown rules based on twitch streamers, that means I actually won.

“1 v 1 me bitch. I will lose, but I will make your life miserable trying to win.”

*totally cute but still evil smile* 🙂


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