Kantai Collection: KanColle

I was looking for a certain fan art of Kancolle.


Someone posted this on a Facebook group, and it reminds me of a sad short fan manga similar to it.

The short fan manga is about a ship in Kancolle, of some sort of rescue ship. In all battle, she saved the ship crews of sinking ship. So in the middle of dying comrades, she is the only one survived. She get really sad, then Hibiki/Verniy gave some advice. In the end, she was scrapped. And then, she was rebuild I think. And the original crews of the ship came to thank her or something. I can’t remember every exact details.

But it was a sad story based on true history. Can’t find it yet. If you guys know where is it, please share info with me. Please. m(_ _)m



On the other hand, some good things I found I spammed on my Facebook. I shall share them here. Yay \(ˆ⌣ˆ)/ .

Copyright to respective artists.



Manga about Inazuma’s history : “The Things She Saw”


one of those sad moment in kancolle.

And there is a doujinshi about Fubuki trying to cheer her up
On happier note at alt universe:

Wanko Poi~


Cute destroyers


04_img003Another manga that make us laugh


I like how Shimakaze said to be very fast


“Just friends”


“My first time.” *blush*

There is a facebook page called12011317_1021053964600798_7921718306712081247_n.jpg Nano Death (reference to Plasma-chan I guess) Therefore I’m ending this post with NANODESU~


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