Some things to share for blog 3rd anniversary

It seems that I have been here for 3 years now. Well, I don’t really take care much of this blog. Don’t have specific goal, just sharing what I like. Recently, anime and cuteness and stuff like that became the only posts I posted here tho. I used to be more random 😛

That’s what I think by “scribble” part of my blog name. Let’s see if I can ramble about again.

First, I am currently enjoying Idolmaster SP, a PSP game of iM@S. I just finished Futami Ami and Mami’s story mode few hours ago and win IU!


Going to Idol Ultimate (IU) with best twins and their fav song


Which one do you think is Ami? Which is Mami?

And then we won!


Futami Ami and Mami.

The twin idols’ goal is to make everyone happy.

Themselves happy.
Producer happy.
Fans happy.
And even… rival happy.

They respect Ohime-chan (Takane Shijou), but after winning IU, they have to separate. Their story is the only one route I feel the connection and relationship between Futami and Takane is too strong.


Until Takane showed up at the office as new idol of the company. XD

Takane: “It takes so long to build a rocket…”

Moon Princess? >_>;


Now time to handle the princess.


Soon Iori. Very soon.

2. I am looking forward to RWBY volume 4

3. When I play games, I admit sometimes I look for ecchi in cute girls of the games.

Of course, they can just be super cute ❤


4. When we saw a cute seiyuu smile 🙂


5. You do realized moe has been the trend in anime recently. Too much of them makes too many waifu potentials.
Except this little girl. Truly just innocent. I never watched it tho. 😛
6. When I posted cute things, I expected some goes “Kyaa” “so cute” “qt”
7. I am League of Legends fan and player. Hmm… Not that I am any good in it. I lack the courage to play competitively. Plus this barely able laptop and 300 ping minimum internet is too powerful handicaps.
And I am touched to see someone cosplay as Lux despite the.. circumstance.
But we can still watch youtube and sometimes met gems like this:
8. Internet destroyed my innocence.
Not that I have much left anyway 😛
9. And so, I heard Love Live! goes yuri mode again. Again. As if we don’t know that’s gonna happened in recent anime with mostly females. I thought they declared something about no more reference to that though some time in the past.
10. And various things happened in life.
My kickstarter pledge for Harem Protagonist doesn’t go through for some reason.
I want to play Attack on Titan game.
I have too many backlog of anime and games, And I still lookin for more…
Happily looking at likes of my blog post though most of them from the same person. {Looking at you OG-Man} Still happy.
And then I pretend to be cutest girl in the world in internet 😛
Well not really. >_>; But I truly act as I wished. No need to hold back in anonymity. And this blog… is one place I can be myself. No pretending for the sake of “normality” of society.
Let’s end this with one of my recent fav song. *sings along*

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