[Hexyz Force]I’m playing cute un-serious cleric

An RPG in PSP. It has 2 tales, revolving around Hexyz that saved the world from destruction for generation.


I choose this girl. Because Cecilia skips her daily prayers. I expected her to be more fun character to play with.


And oh boy she is fun. Funny. Not serious cleric. Or rather, the characters in the games are quite generic except her. Coz she has weird lazy stance when she is.. um.. lazy? She has a flying magical pet that helps us fusion items.


Good point. Considering most university students IRL is not serious. But not un-serious cleric.


Not all girl have it neat and tidy.

As example, generic hot-headed warrior:


Just imagine Rock Lee. There you go.Well, more serious than that.

Which is also a siscon. But since that is his kawaaii twin, I don’t care.


coz the twin is so cute like pikachu! Literally. Don’t mess with her. Her burst skill is some lightning storm that annihilate enemies. Until she was kidnapped 😥



“Luffi and Cecilia is sisters now. We don’t need you anymore brother. :P”


Exact opposite style from her brother.

This game is interesting. It has different mechanics, RP acts like mana and FP used for leveling up our.. um.. weapons. You need RP to attack. Even the normal attack, unless you using other lesser weapons that lose durability. Kinda like consumable weapon skill thingy.

There is no way to recover your RP other than defending or using the force field healing portal thingy. This part of the reason it is harder to grind in the game, plus the monster is spawned on the field every time you enter, so going back to the portal thingy and reenter all teh time takes too much time.  And you also heal/recover using FP. I almost died to normal mobs just because I’m out of RP. Since then, I become better in management of RP.

I also found a monster that is unbeatable (at least for now) and stole portion of my FP at beginning of battle. I am still not getting the hang of those lesser weapons, and we don’t buy items, we just use FP or fusion items.

Then last but not least, the elemental. Blue > Red > White > Blue elements, but they aren’t element, coz there is also usual fire,water,lightning elemental. I don’t get it myself. So i just try out what is good. Like that slime thing die quickly to Pikachu/Luffi-chan.

In my opinion, this is a pretty good classic game. If you guys haven’t played it, join in!


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