Murakumo Unit 13 – cute but deadly

I was playing 7th Dragon 2020. Death comes to some of the characters. Actually, like most of them.. >_> But what triggered me when I read a letter from my late kouhai/junior Aoi, that loved candy.NPJH50459_00003

She shared some candy with me. And a certain candy shop lady were talking about rebuilding her shop and she was very happy.

Until a certain dragoness appear… That pissed me off. Therefore I made a deal with myself.

  1. I wanna kill that bi- I mean dragoness.
  2. In order to do that i need lvl 99, all best equipment, and all skill optimized. So I can do it like it was a piece of cake. To show her the true power of will of humankind is better than dragon.

So, after accepting all quests, grinding and grinding, class-changed my trickster to destroyer and hacker to psychic for better team, I reached the Tokyo Tower.

cute yet deadly dragonslayer

cute yet deadly dragonslayer

Destroyer, my main character.

bare knuckle destryerShe has like the best EX skill,  jumping almost out of atmosphere then literally go nuclear after on the enemy. I got the Bare Knuckle and Steel Soul from SKY’s destroyer, making her perfect Mighty Glacier. She is a tank with 400 HP, attack that just destroy earth itself, and defend as strong as dragon. 😛 The bandana is also from another late Murakumo senior. I can’t bear parting away from it.

If you do it right, she can’t get 0 HP. She can revive. Counter attack that apply for almost any kind of attack in the game. Put Fire/Ice Psychic veil on her and she is like the most OP in the game. So she will always take point in the boss battle.

Then we go for Samurai, the balanced character.

golden sword samuari

Currently using some sort of golden sword. I think I got it from the SKY’s samurai, or the so-called fake hero. He is badass. And this girl is also badass. Her EX-skill is beautiful swordmanship with some sakura effect. And it is as strong as Destroyer’s EX-skill. She is balanced in such a way she is fast enough, only slower than Trickster, High attack but less defense. So I gave her Corona. Kingsguard too for protection from status effect. Somehow she sound like the original samurai in history…. (Royal Guard something) I like how she can change stance from drawn sword and Iai (sheathed sword) with different abilities for each. She can heal, and to get her EX-skill she has to go solo that rabbit. She is the one clearing any mobs less than a dragon combined with Destoyer’s passive. While going against boss, she is very versatile. She is also pretty good for killing Bloom using multiple hit ability to get Quality Fuel for Bath that give instant full Ex meter. She is almost lightning bruiser, at least she is stronger in defend than Trickster.

Then we go for spellcaster, Psychic.

neko psychicShe is, like, just a healer in the boss battle, lol. Psychic can deal tons of magic damage for Fire, Ice and Lightning magic. But Lightning is almost useless, except for flying type. (Pokemon :P) I prefer Ice, so I was kinda in a pinch at the ice dragon area. Luckily, Samurai has (Iai mode) Fire sword. She became Neko when Neko (SKY) gave her those two items. Best Magic Attack in the game. I gave Giant Metal coz her def is almost non-existent. But… she has clone/shield skill that always save her life. I need her to stay alive coz she is the medic. in mobs, we have to use her magic, coz her attack is useless. She can be a Glass Cannon, but boss always give status effect so she get the healing/support time mostly. I like asking her to make Bento. :3

And so, that is my deadly yet cute Unit 13. We have killed all dragon outside Tokyo Tower you know. But.. Tokyo Tower is harder than I thought… despite being lvl 99. Maybe need more points on skills… I am on the way to that dragoness. almost. Just a bit more….


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