Cute and awesome pokemon arts

Once in a while, when we travelling through internet or facebook, we come across quite cute arts of pokemon, or some awesomeness spawned from the recent hype of Pokemon Go. I decided I should share some I found recently.

Btw, did you guys heard about Pokemon Uranium, the fan-made game? It was pretty good when I tried it. Unique yet still have similar atmosphere to original series.

[Pokemon Uranium download link was taken down. ._. ]


Cute song by pikachu about ketchup:

Pokemon GO theme?:

Sisters playing pokemon together.

My team:

if naruto play pokemon:

The designs of protagonist/avatar of pokemon go is pretty good. Wish it more customisable though.

Ruby + Pikachu = over 9000 cuteness. I just want her to smile in this art tho.

Librarian team:

Oneesama team:

Legend of Z–Pokemon.

I used to crushed them side road trainers with one hit in Pokemon Blue due to my tendency to overgrinding.


Which one is pikachu?

I currently have squirtle and bulbasaur. Need to get charmander for my 3 starter team. Then just forget them:P

Hikari and Piplup is the best cute combo.

Shigure catch pokemon too!



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