Birthday, Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?

Happy Birthday Maya


Jouga Maya/ 条河麻耶 /じょうが まや has her birthday on August 8. She has blood type O with height of 140cm. Voiced by Tokui Sora(who also voiced Yazawa Nico in Love Live!). official link One of her defining feature is her cute fang.

So I was going around the internet for some arts as tribute. It seems she doesn’t have much solo art without her Chimame unit. As expected from a side character 😛 There are actually some arts less known. But there is a reason why, coz they are NSFW. I never thought I found any of that type for Maya. This world has become corrupted. 😦

©Copyright to respective artists.




She has a lot of siblings I think.

Senpai, notice me?

There are some pixiv art that are not really as clean as others, but still cute ❤

various expression.

If she gone to a date at beach:

*level up!*

Water pew pew gun

“I’m teh cutest girl in the world” pose

Ice cream + Loli = sweet.


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