[Scribble]Children will get part times for games.


[This is a rambling post of mine, part of the reason I created this blog. So can just skipped this post if you are not interested]

In the past, I can get a game CD for around RM10. Buy Playstation 1 for about Rm200. Pc around RM1000. I can buy a game a few times a year and that’s enough, or just borrow someone’ CD.

Nowadays, games are available from around RM50 to RM200+. As example, Overwatch USD59.99 = RM242.30. Then consider buying PC that can play them (RM3000). Then monitors(RM200). Keyboard(RM100). Mouse(Rm50). Internet connections(RM100/month unless you using Magic Sim and only play at night). We didn’t consider all the DLCs yet that may require more buck$.
In the past, games are for children. Nowadays, games are for part time working children. Or childish adult.
It is true the graphic are more quality now. It is true the hardware are more powerful now. But don’t you think they are like overpriced? Capitalism might be at fault? There exist Free To Play games, but some of them either Pay to Win, or you can only get satisfaction if you pay even more than buying a games(like buying skins in League of Legends). RNGesus doesn’t love you after all. (Looking at you LLSIF gacha).
So, I get that some people started to get a job to pay for these.  Or perhaps stream on twitch, which required still quite a lot of investment. Otaku in Japan has been doing these for a while now. Or some playboy that require money to date girls and then *Bleep* before throwing them away. Um.. that’s another issue.
Anyway.. children should be focused more on preparing for the future. And yeah, they should have fun, but don’t make having fun require you to ask money from your parents or work for it. And lost time for studying, or at least doing homework. Heck, maybe some of them started stealing money. Not all thief doing it for living if they poor or getting drugs.
These are among the reason pirated copy and torrents existed. Coz they are free.
Then there is issues of them being cooped up in the room not moving. Wii might have helped, and Pokemon GO is an interesting idea, though some still not so happy about it. Malaysia just recently got it, and already we have a police summon in the news about it. There are also some mufti that “haram” Pokemon Go. But I won’t be so quick to judge. Everyone would be furious if their holy places has a gym and become… um.. that ‘get free thing’ place, getting people comes just for Pokemon Go(incident at mosques in Turkey).
Opps, that’s a long curve ball. Next, if you see how the difficulty increase as you have higher level, you will need to farm more pokeball or… buy them. Or somehow the Pokemon Go was released a day and there is already a high level gym slash cheater that were playing this with certain bypass.
Well, did I ever mentioned that we need compatible phone to play this game? I am lucky I was working part time and bought the best middle range phone that still compatible with most games in the world now, but it started to lag recently. How about less fortunate people, or those using Windows phone? I don’t think it is so good for children asking parents for more expensive phone just to use the app. Or… I still don’t know how children gonna work part time.
Or perhaps, this is the start of them lying to other children to scam them money.
The higher the cost of games, more dangerous consequences I see in the future generations.

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