Pokemon is the rages now!


So in trend that there are certain clones popping up too.

In Malaysia, Pokemon trainers are starting to appear as it just released last Saturday. I like pokemon, I like the idea of we have to go out to catch pokemon, like as if in real games. But since they are a lot of ‘accidents’ involving it, Malaysian doesn’t all accept this.

  1. A lecturer that I met somewhere that saw me playing it say, “Stupid game.”
  2. One friend of mine showed his app screenshot in Whatsapp group. Everyone bashed and make fun of him.
  3. Mufti has Pokemon Go forbidden for Muslims

Although, there are also some that helped with the players. like Maxis, I think, that want to offer a Pokemon Go car to help them, and lowyat’s guide to Pokemon go. Or some that make fun of themselves.

“this group will be filled Pokemon Go from now on” said a user in League of legends Malaysia Facebook group.


I Wonder if we can get ghost type there…

I tried the game. I lost all my pokeball trying to catch a Golbat. >_<

And so, since I suck at this game, let’s find some pokemon art

But I have polywhirl at least.


And I also found a more sexy pokemon game 😛


Pokemon Gal Hunter


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