Anime, Birthday, Yuru Yuri

Akarin not so Late Birthday

Akaza “Akarin~” Akari, the transparent-


-heroine of Yuru Yuri harem has her birthday on 24/7, which is today. I haven’t been doing much birthday post recently, coz I was having a bit too much games and anime backlogged every day.

I don’t actually have that much pic on my collection. I always deleted pictures I don’t use coz my hard disk get full fast. Not for any reason you think about now. >_>;

Anyway, this red-haired girl is cute ❤

I think I’ll rewatched the series after I finished current season of Rezero, LLSunshine, Illya3rei, KonoBijutsubu-something, Rewrite, Regalia, and Planetarian.


Great healer. Coz she can never get targeted by monster. Ever. 😛



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