Visual Novel

Highway Blossoms – 2 girls looking for treasure.

I am currently, slowly, playing Highway Blossoms.


Summary: Amber, the stoic tomboyish girl, was going to a musical festival to listen to a band her late Grandpa love while running from reality, thinking about the medical debts. And Marina, sunshine in the middle of this hot desert, is looking for gold treasure left behind by someone. They met and from there they traced the journal’s hints.

I’m dumping some of what happened in there here. SO it might be a little bit too much picture. You should try playing it too. Or if you lazy, watch gameplay in youtube.

The visual novel is fun. Cute, with the contrast of the characters, with good enough background/foreshadowing/whatever_technical_term_that_is. The personalities of each characters are actually wellpolished for this quite short(?) visual novel. I dunno, I didn’t reach ending yet.

Amber that didn’t believe the gold existed but still helped Marina.

And then a few times they have shown physical.. embarassement? I dunno.

Even others watching them thought they are couple.

Slowly but surely they getting closer :3

Marina is very cute ❤

But Amber , the “point of view character” also has her own charm. She almost cried when she can’t find the gold.

Oh yeah, did I mentioned teasing Marina is fun? :3

Next treasure… 2k stones to look for it. >_<

Oh wow, she had ex.

Amber vs Mariah.

There are times of almost… almost….

Reminder why you should not go to rest stop in middle of desert.


PS: Good thing about lesbian:


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