I’m running out of space for cuteness

I have been uploading pic like crazy into this blog. And it has reached 2.9Gb of free 3.0GB space. Must be coz of those gif Iput. I need to think of another way to host my stolen cute /awesome anime arts. So here I am trying Photobucket just coz I used to use it. Tumblr said something about “too large files” which is weird, coz some of these are from tumblr itself. There is also option of buying plan.. but RM400 per year is too expensive. Maybe when I got 1 million income per year or something… 😛

*ramble ramble ramble* Oh I also saw Planetarian. As a Key fan, I am very happy with the great adaptation of this kinetic novel. I also still trying to keep up with cute-filled anime like Amanchu!, Fate/Illya 3, Flying witch, and some more I can’t remember the name now *ramble ramble*

Anyway, just enjoy these :3


Bonus vid from FB?


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