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Rewrite episode 1 is out!

13603721_1770086019945171_6396610502620306345_oAfter waiting for so long.. I finally got one of my favourite visual novel Rewrite to have its anime adaptation. And… since I still didn’t watch the about 1 hour episode yet, I’ll watched it as soon as I got it. But based on a post from a Key fan facebook page, it will be quite similar feeling to Little Buster!, which means they combined some routes into the same storyline, and left out some details. This post is useless as hell but I am so excited I just wanna share it to the world. YayyyyyyY!!! Lets go!


A gif from trailer

P.s.: Love Live Sunshine is out too yay :3

PS22:Watched Rewrite episode 1. I am so happy it really is according to the VN to the letter. you can say the prologue of the visual novel was contained perfectly in this one episode. I’m looking forward to the completed series. Watching this ep also makes me think… how similar Rewrite to Clannad, or most of key’s vn in terms of characters. You know, the main protag(Tomoyo/Koutarou), someone they made fun of(Sunohara/Yusuke, and certain weird mascot(Botan/Chibimoth).tumblr_o9p1fnHgQa1qz64n4o1_500


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