Visual Novel

Do not mess with Atom Gril!

This game can make me laughed about melting a police corpse hahaha…

this atom grll game is so funny haha

They have “circumstances” that made them have to melt a police corpse, and it seems Jessica and Anna got traumatised.


Link about it:


“Atom Grlll!” is a visual novel with a cute, slightly stupid but naturally charismatic protagonist(Jessica L. Huster), cool stoic partner of her(Anna),


a murderer with knife dildo(Big E, coz she has E cup I guess?)

and a beautiful yet dangerous scheming girl(very. Yes, she has nickname “very”).screenshot0002

With a lot of cursing and.. well… just imagine the life of gangster with guns but minus the drugs minus the gambling.


That’s weird description alright… >_>; What kind of large gang has nothing about drugs and gambling anyway?

Anyway, it is funny, engaging story, and you can see things turn to shit so fast I can’t stop laughing how “coincidental” they all met.

Since its an eroge of yuri, we have some sex scene related to that. Well… somehow it feels just a bonus though. The story feels similar to… um.. Baccano! I guess? It has some issue hidden within about the minorities/races aka the natives of America. It seems that Huster is the surviving or something like that among them. Big E is a Chinese herself too, so I guess Kung Fu lived on or something.

They are pretty good in making a description of the world, feels reals yet still fictional enough for how absurd they are. I wished they drew CG of them girls actually shooting guns, but I guess it is more important to draw naked ladies. Try it out if you can :3 Before they forced you to. 


Or at least for the awesome sound tracks.screenshot0006ag-screenshot-2atom_grrrl_08


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