Visual Novel

Cute Yuri Princess

I have always fond for cute things, and I like reading books. When two of the combined in one nice little package, I can’t help but feel happy like… like…

AH! I can’t pretend to be like Sara Crewe. But yeah, this Lily Princess is a good story, for how cute they look, how cute the story are, a little bit of friendship and possible romance?, and how real it was. This reminds me slightly about Oliver Twist in term of reading it. It was hard for me. Yet enjoyable.

sara crewe.PNG

Developed under the Hanabira name of Hanako Games, the game is a retelling of  Frances Hodgson Burnett’s A Little Princess: Being the Whole Story of Sara Crewe Now Being Told for the First Time, where you take the role of the heroine, Sara Crewe, as she adjusts to living in a boarding school in turn-of-the-century London.

-Review from Fuwanovel

Some may don’t like it ‘coz it is lily/yuri/lesbian, but I ensure you, it is more of a slice of life, coming of age, story about a spoiled, father-complex, clever girl, that like to read, makes up stories, kind to everyone and also knew how spoiled she is. There are several other characters that you love, and you love to hate.

self improvementplay event

As most visual novel, we have choices, but this game has a little mini game of stat management. Doing activities give you random stats, and using them you can play Event. You should focus on certain girl you want to be in route with first.

(It feel boring eh, with me talking so seriously about a review. But Sara affected me a bit on how I write now. 😛 )

It was really well polished story, though a little bit repeating despite going for different routes. Well, since it was based on a novel that already have an ending.

But I can promised you just one thing. It can be a very magical journey.

Although albeit sad at times…. >,< Ganbatte Lily Princess! Make friends! Don’t let that evil teacher get you!

One interesting to note is that it have shown how the English people may feel when they look at others. The discrimination based on hierarchical class, or rather how rich you are as well as how beautiful the girl is, or different in race. English vs French issue was brought up too. Although, it is hard, considering Emily the pretend Princess is half French herself.

Talking about being half-Frence few paragraph back, I wanna show I perfect example how the society works in the school. Sara got personal maid from French, so Miss M thought papa want Sara to learn French. Btw, Miss M doesn’t understand French despite it being one of the good thing a lady can know.

learn frenchfrench 2.PNGfrench 3french 4teacher arrivedfrench isnt stupidhave to skip some sentences... go play for full story!she is showing it off!speak in french hahathis miss doesnt know french but want us to learn one..hahahahahahah on your face!laugh hehe

Next time, listen to your student too. She is spoiled, but not that spoiled. This is just one of many times you just wanna punch that woman in the face and tell her, shut up coz you are wrong. >.>

Anyway… that might now show how cute it was. She is always curious, you can see her get excited like a little girl should, But at same times she reads a lot of books, have great imagination, clever and strong will. She is also quite kind, but more of because she can afford to do it. I dunno, she doesn’t know the world well, but at least better than some children there. Lottie is just a kid. Jessie want to be beautiful and have interest in dancing. Lavinia is a stuck up little girl but she is closer to Sara than you think despite having a pet Jessie. Ermengarde isn’t the most gracious and clever, yet she is kinder that Sara. Mariette the French maid is like Sara’s mother in many way.

And… I should stop writing. Haha. >_>; but if you enjoy reading visual novel and cuteness, try it out.


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