K-On! Houkago Live!!

I love K-on! They are so cute. The music actually great. Well, some awesome, some cool, some cute for girls band <3. But I havent been with them much recently. Until  a friend on Facebook showed a screenshot playing this psp game of K-On! Houkago Live!!.

In this game published by Sega, you play as one of 5 members of HTT. You can play solo or local multiplayer up to 5 people. It is a rhythm game, so press button accordingly and on good timing.

song choices

You can choose the songs, from all in anime, to all in character songs. I think. I just started few hours ago so I don’t have all of the songs yet. I knew most of the songs though since I used to live with it. 24/7. Hehe… I’m embarrassed >//>

choose your waifu

First of all. choose your waifu- I mean the girl you wished to play with… I mean the instrument you wished to play… >_>; I wasn’t too good with this game though. But after some practice!

finally after practice i got AYou can use item, but since it is full Japanese, I don’t have any clue about anything here. You also can feed them. feeding

It was interesting concept, integrating their after school tea time (cakes,sweets,tea cup) as items helping in their concerts or to make them love you. I think. And as I was browsing around Internet, it seems we may change the clothes too? Or does it change based on the songs? And i also got a small translation help image from other blog:


I feel nice playing this game. It something I play (rhythm  game), I love HTT, the design are cute, and I am able to live with the girls of HTT every day now, not just reminiscing about their anime and sometimes listening to their songs. And perhaps, I will go learn an instrument. I was interested with drums.

You  might be interested to play this too, who knows? :3


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