Anime, Birthday, Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?

Chino’s Birthday Party


I found out about a small concert for chino when a friend in Facebook group posted a video from it. Watching it without understand it haha, but it really feel so cute. That daddy voice actor actually amazing too.


Kawaii :3

Well, it seems that the 3D was quite rushed, it doesn’t work perfectly  I think. But it still good performance… if we just listen without watching. Actually, I feel like Minase Iori is cuter than Chino here. I never thought an anime fashion can actually work well. We shouldn’t really expect anything from a mini-concert, but I am satisfied now.

In youtube, we can’t get full video of it due to copyright. And well… you should buy tje BD to support them if possible. But if you are like me, we have ways to get it other way. Haha.


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