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Pat pat Sylvie game

Do you want to pat her day all day long? Get your copy of Life With A Slave -Teaching Feeling.10277784_217369531935658_70428829164877716_n

Introducing an eroge game (yes it is eroge) with slightly tragic past, but about a cute girl named Sylvie. She was the daughter of some rich family that has been killed all but her. She was sold as slave and ownership was transferred to a doctor by certain suspicious person that doctor (You) saved in the past.

You can be horrible to her or nice to her. But if you want the nice life with Sylvie, I suggest the Pat-pat way. Literally. >:D

This is one of those game I feel like playing simple  to be with her. You know, you just want to protect her smile.

sylvie english version.PNG

And well.. since it is an eroge you can do ‘things’ with her. But this games seems like it is promoting us to just live with her. And pat her head. And bring her to date, like to eat pancakes in restaurant, going around market and a walk in the.. forest. I don’t know why it must be forest. Why not other places. And she is Like a daughter to me.

You can even changed the clothes she wear. The title of the games might make you steer away but I recommend you try it once.

You might have changed your heart to the better after this.


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