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Parriet is a lovely penguin

Not that penguin. She is a character in game Summon Night 5, a summon or Cross for the main character. Parriet is such a lovely cutie girl. 🙂 I have choose a right gift (cute handkerchief) though I might having some trouble in the gameplay.


I accidentally stumbled upon the game, and want to give it a try. And I might finish this tactical RPG game because I choose a cute girl to accompany me.

Parriet has like the perfect personality when combined with female main character Arca. Well, not that I have played Folth yet… but I just see her as a little sister that look up and follow, but still criticize her older sister. She is straight forward and quick to follow Arca’s actions.

Although she can be a little to sexy with that exposed belly and short skirt… >///< but I am guessing that’s how the anthropomorphism of a penguin work.


She wield a mace. And as many know, mace is one heavy weapon with large damage, so this girl that has icy magic, healing magic and too high attack damage is so awesome. But… her defense is way too weak. I think I need to focus on her def when leveling first, she already has enough base damage.

(To be honest, the angel Cross might be easier one ‘coz she use range weapon, and good balance of magic, damage, defense and heal)

And I need to explore more on internet for her artworks. SFW artworks… 😛


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