Announcement: I may not be updating much for a year or so

I will go to some industrial training. I may or may not have time and/or internet connection to play around for a while. I am not so sure. It will be for about a year, and then I will start working (if I do well enough) with them.

I wonder if I can actually pull it off. My education background is IT but I will go to petroleum world. Oh well. That’s just the way it is, the only good-paying job I can take now. So… I might miss a lot of games, anime, and cuteness. 😦

On more positive note, since I can get allowance during the training, I could try saving for new PC. In a few months, I can get one PC more suitable for gaming instead of this overheating, laggy laptop.

So see you again. Um.. Well, not really. Let’s just hope this isn’t final goodbye.

P.s.: Some of the collected pixiv girl i found just now on tumblr


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