Eternal Senia, Steam

Eternat Senia – A Great free to play ARPG

Summary: Years ago, Senia’s village was wiped out by demons, leaving her the only survivor after a priestess, Magaleta, saved her. Magaleta adopts Senia to live a peaceful life at her monastery, but their happiness ends after Magaleta ventures into the ominous Tower of Eternity without telling anyone. Luckily, Senia learned to wield a sword, so it’s up to her to follow Magaleta into the tower and hopefully bring her back.Unfortunately, it is said that the Tower of Eternity can grant one’s wish, but at the cost of being possessed by a malevolent power. What kind of wish is Magaleta seeking? What other people are using this power to grant their wishes? Senia will find the answer to these questions as she climbs this tower.


I have finished Eternal Senia in Steam, a free action rpg. It was a sad story, but a great adventure. Quite short, but it is definitely worth it. 10/10 you should try it. 4 hours gameplay for me.

eternal senia

It is a little different from other games, in that you simply use cursor to move AND attack. QWER will be your skills. so it is very simple gameplay, yet still offer depth with its crafting system, dungeon-like( kinda like allow us grinding) so it is easier to win boss level, and a cute fairy too. Which only role is mostly to wake Senia up when she fainted… I just realized it, I love how they look like, as if it is from Ragnarok Online. Oh, it is sort of a tribute to that awesome mmorpg that I have never passed lvl 20 playing. 😛

she is determined skills i didn't finish the armorkilling angel

There are 3 endings. Really wish has better ending though… >_> Then again, even if they keep it that way, I think this is a masterpiece already. Something like any other visual novel. I can’t think of any example right now for a good bad end visual novel… >_< I don’t wanna spoil you, it really is worth it if you play and reach it yourself.

At least Senia is still a normal, cute teenage girl even thought she is more badass than me for swinging that sword around.

tiny fairy is cute


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