Pio a cute Potion Maker


Did I ever talked about a cute time waster app Potion Maker? Introducing the swag, the loli, Pio.


I said swag coz she is so cute, but she asked for a lot of your money if you ever want her wearing cute clothes. Like these:

avatar_11f0a903c442_512 B-CL212CMAEQjWn ed357f38b14fae51023216b6571d6e9d Furisode_Costume Turtleneck_Costume_RedWe can play just fine without paying, like me. And after a while, i got bored, but my little sisters love it.

1a6a0d763703a23fed4b28725b26f3d1 4a02b7084899b67d11b4ced1e45f56f9 8b8ee7efc2f376e3eb90619b1b7c9161 34aac9d549856b6d1baf1ca7dde5b438 68f7ed9dee9b12a84d0e75ed1e60c7b0 768ac5c0c2d9bafe38f97aeb4f610561 CJtNHHXUEAAEwVh ebcd5afb439f4338869c8e11902fdca0 sample-3b3175f8548eb1f6d6ebef2badc0ee29 yfmaCkq


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