One Day

(rambling, I just need to vent a bit of my frustration)

One day.

One day I wish I have a gaming PC. Don’t need to be too awesome, just better than this overheating laptop. Maybe using SSD, with DDR4 RAM, cheap enough but have graphic card at average level on that time.

I wish one day I can have perfect internet connection. Not the one lag, nor can disconnect without reason, nor the one with so fucking low quota, unless u pay too damn high price.

And most important of all, I wish one day I am good enough that I can simply sit back and enjoy any gaming, not anymore having the goal of becoming better and better since I am still noob right now.

Why? ‘coz just now, 2 games in a row of League of Legends I had problem. First, my laptop overheat and the system protect itself by shutting down in the middle of game. I was playing support on that time. They died coz of that.


*deep breath*

Calm down. And here I am trying the new devourer, lose the chance to see the effect when full stack just ‘coz of the dc. The game ended too fast since we have this ranked player playing. What else you expected from a ranked player playing AI?


One day I’ll get them. Maybe it will not become true. But I can always try. I tried to get straight A in PMR and SPM but I didn’t get it. Doesn’t matter, ‘coz i tried, and i got a slightly lower result. I played Cytus and tried to master them, even if I only mastered the Easy mode. Played SDO-X for higher level, and damn I still can’t played Advanced game like my little brother, but I can still play around in Beginner. But in there, it has always been my lack of skill.

My lack of practice. My lack of talent.

I hate it when I lose because of something else like laptop overheat or internet lag/disconnect.

So one day, I will get to the situation where I can’t blame anything else but my own incompetence. One day.


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