Anime, Himouto! Umaru-chan

Umaru so cute.

umaru so cuteOne of the new anime series this season have a slightly different imouto character as main focus. Well, not really, if we remember OreImo. 😛 What makes it different is how the art changes between her public self and her Himouto self. I think H could be something about Hamster.


H. Hmm… There is another word I don’t need to say. 😛

But this girl is cute. I dunno how she is so talented, I know OreImo has the sister as someone that actually worked hard, but this one? Hmm… Maybe she just became otaku AFTER she became multi-skill. Now, how the hell she change her body from so beautiful teenage girl to that lazy small body of an otaku girl? Doesn’t make sense.


…how did they cosplay that? I am amazed.

Anyway. she is cute. =3


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