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[Love Live! School Idol Project] Hoshizora Rin in Dress

My favorite character in the multi-media series of Love Live! is Hoshizora Rin. She is cute, in short description, definitely my type. Although we always seen her in shorts and shirts, those more boyish outfits, she still look like normal teenage girl when she wear dresses. That issue was addressed somewhere in season 2 I think, about why her doesn’t wear skirt.


She look best when she wear more tomboyish, but I still love her in these outfits style.

Thanks to Google Image, Tumblr, Danbooru and Pivix allowing me to share her rare moments of wearing it. Well, most of them. 😛 Interesting enough, I think there are a lot of cards in Love Live! School Idol Festival app where she wear dresses / skirts.

LH1nFsltumblr_nlz5qiLZQ51s8r1a7o1_500tumblr_nkkdp4hazg1rbhtjio2_5002015-03-25-721507tumblr_no827vbwke1rhcknwo1_500downloadtumblr_nqdpoe0sv41uom01uo1_500tumblr_niwb0x7Upr1tt8u1do1_5002015-03-25-7215712015-03-27-721916tumblr_nodeg3MobQ1uom01uo1_500tumblr_nee21anZzB1r2gyilo1_500tumblr_nj6kvwKp1G1rzyjvho1_500tumblr_nehe9bEiPG1tz7vhco1_500tumblr_nqujypa2mx1rfyzpbo1_500tumblr_npi07iMLbD1t1hiooo1_500tumblr_np0ppbToA81uvig2oo1_500tumblr_nf2u7wOeSP1s4qvrdo1_500tumblr_nk27w0XLvO1s5u7iqo1_500tumblr_nn4wk6LbK81u182sno6_400tumblr_nn4wk6LbK81u182sno4_400tumblr_nn4wk6LbK81u182sno2_400tumblr_nn4wk6LbK81u182sno1_400tumblr_nnn38hPh181sc9rkfo1_5002015-05-07-7335432015-05-12-7347572015-05-17-7359882015-05-30-7389302015-06-05-7409082015-06-07-7414102015-06-12-7428932015-06-19-7446012015-06-23-7454692015-06-26-7464862015-07-05-7488952015-07-06-7490082015-07-10-7503406a404d16c69b995fbe6c6268df5564462014-03-15-6385819662606943b9079f8c5a0562fd7d8491Love.Live!.full.1803533Love.Live!.full.1803500286868 ajishio dress hoshizora_rin koizumi_hanayo love_live! tagme wedding_dressLove.Live!.full.17133303382015-06-22-7452182015-07-01-7476382015-03-28-722318Love.Live!.full.1823356Rin_Hoshizora


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