Awesome Popular Clannad Artworks/Wallpapers

A Clannad page posted an awesome art. I want to get it as my desktop wallpaper.

I wondered around the internet looking for the original source for high quality image, and somehow ended up with a collection of awesome and/or popular wallpapers/artworks that I like. Hehe. I just wanna share what I found, that may or may not interest you. These can be cute, or cool, or even funny. xD Just try not to cry at certain artworks *sniff*.


CLANNAD.full.822731 CLANNAD.full.714463 CLANNAD.full.17448 Girl.from.the.Illusionary.World.full.61529 CLANNAD.full.133529 Ibuki.Fuko.full.179211 CLANNAD.full.1431876 Ichinose.Kotomi.full.441462 Sakagami.Tomoyo.full.406576 Ichinose.Kotomi.full.18312 Sagara.Misae.full.271575 Garbage.Doll.full.1416269 Ichinose.Kotomi.full.817677 CLANNAD.full.6391 Shima.Katsuki.full.201547 Okazaki.Ushio.full.714472 CLANNAD.full.1500889 CLANNAD.full.213482 Ibuki.Fuko.full.387350 CLANNAD.full.1479738 Okazaki.Ushio.full.1705975 CLANNAD.full.1338783 Girl.from.the.Illusionary.World.full.1431862 CLANNAD.full.387364 CLANNAD.full.1490275 CLANNAD.full.916215 CLANNAD.full.38143 CLANNAD.full.1508088 Okazaki.Ushio.full.1511185 Dango.(Clannad).full.728717 CLANNAD.full.204301 CLANNAD.full.6181 CLANNAD.full.190070 CLANNAD.full.1338771 CLANNAD.full.1328697 CLANNAD.full.1264441 CLANNAD.full.22362 CLANNAD.full.190084



Okazaki.Ushio.full.1507238 CLANNAD.full.714468 Okazaki.Ushio.full.870581 CLANNAD.full.44556 CLANNAD.full.718592 Girl.from.the.Illusionary.World.full.19352 CLANNAD.full.467560 CLANNAD.full.17373 CLANNAD.full.486539 Cross-Over.full.1136811 CLANNAD.full.1493386 CLANNAD.full.486557 CLANNAD.full.1368949 CLANNAD.full.1507418 CLANNAD.full.1503326 CLANNAD.full.1508137 CLANNAD.full.1099111 Shima.Katsuki.full.201548 Furukawa.Nagisa.full.405211 CLANNAD.full.1479731


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