Visual Novel

Someone announced Narcissu remake

Narcissu is a free visual novel telling the story of a terminally ill young man and woman.

Which is in a sense, almost like Clannad, with less of the comedy and cast of characters. I love and hate it. love it coz the struggle they go through to go free, despite knowing they will die anyway. I hate it coz they will die anyway.


Someone in Fan of Narcissu Facebook group announced a remake and sequel and whatever about Narcissu.

Sekai Project also revealed a Narcissu remake project. Narcissu 1st and Narcissu 2nd are available now on Steam, and the company plans to work with original creator Tomo Kataoka to create a new project that will include: a Narcissu 0 remake based on scenarios in the PlayStation Portable version; remakes of Narcissu 1st, 2nd and 3rd (the latter of which is based on Kataoka’s story in Narcissu 3rd Die Dritte Welt); and Narcissu 4th with completely new material. Content upgrades include updated scenarios, material from drama CDs and other side material, new artwork, and re-recorded voices.

Full Article:


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