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Rana, a ‘Baby Metal’ Vocaloid.

Unlimited Loli Works in few days ago, has posted a contest between Shiro (No Game No Life) and Rana (Vocaloid). 


Most people (including me) wondered who is Rana, and chose Shiro instead simply ‘coz we don’t know who she is.

Enligthenment from a stranger

Look up the song rainbow color monster and heart break and drop pop candy feat v flower. She is a singer

Brandon Thedeathgreeter Raines

and some Google-ing helped me know better of this girl.

In short, Rana, is a Vocaloid 3 released Japanese Vocaloid that is exclusive to Japan, with a tomboyish voice suitable to rock. That’s why when I heard some of her songs, I feel like she is similar to Baby Metal, the cute but rock Japanese band. Though some of the songs are techno or pop too.

  • Birthday : September 9
  • Theme: Rainbow [“so you can color with the color that best represents you”]
  • Age: 0?
  • Height: 153cm
  • Weight: 41.5kg
  • Voice: Ai Kakuma

 I like rainbow.

And so, I feel that I should spread about her, since not many people know her. This mostly due to ignorant people that think Hatsune Miku is the only Vocaloid, and her Japanese-only status also makes it hard to know her for international population.

It isn’t like she gonna top my Vocaloid list of Hatsune Miku, IA, Gumi, Rin, and Kasane Teto, but she still have her own charm. Like my Kaai Yuki, I like her ‘coz not many people know her. Rather, the original voice of Yuki is unknown… interesting. So Rana also pull me coz of the curiosity.

Therefore, other than some music video I spammed up there, I will be giving some of the usual cuteness spam down here. Hehe. Maybe this will helped her gained more prominent fans that actually give her real appreciation more than me.

Rana.(Vocaloid).full.1890462 Rana.(Vocaloid).full.1757585 Rana.(Vocaloid).full.1759483 Rana.(Vocaloid).full.1810101 Rana.(Vocaloid).full.1890460 smile 4302884i E7E Rana.(Vocaloid).600.1757583 PC_a_thumb Rana.(Vocaloid).full.1757578 Rana.(Vocaloid).600.1860041 Rana.(Vocaloid).600.1855151 Rana.(Vocaloid).600.1802547 Rana.(Vocaloid).600.1786287 tumblr_napks5S7EU1sttu7eo1_500 vocaloid___rana_by_miyako1220-d7tgx7a vocaloid_rana__full_boxart__by_bleedekuh-d7xnvko vocaloid_rana_by_maroonabyss-d7ur3em


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