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Random anime cute girls of the day

‘coz cuteness heals ❤


Since I was quite in a bad mood, I look them up, anything related to anything I have in my HD. Or Not. I had enough with Garena server LoL lagness, it happened before and worse today. I am not gonna play a 10 sec delay game.

So… here are some of them I stole from Facebook and Google Images. 😛

tumblr_n14mcd17vF1tof9kfo3_500 tumblr_n14mcd17vF1tof9kfo2_500 tumblr_nkg2qlYe991u6daiko1_500 Sono.Hanabira.Series.full.162280 NEOGDS-125223 adoration-waltz-23 Neptunia profile_picture_by_frostfire_annie-d71z9yr Recettear-Capitalism_out_1

Gakuen.Alice.full.1182893 non-non-biyori-ep11 1acd03be7b82181479df86d4714f2557 11050679_396469240543774_7196888396656630946_n 11028003_390590254479720_3933558473674497340_n 11666078_400019173522114_1071982715484947929_n

11665718_364872230348372_2843742567769650127_n11703045_398013720389326_5721420045880935879_n10414861_400420863481945_3623310215969949930_ntumblr_mmjm5hjfjS1s6hny8o1_500 11666021_398135540377144_6381115136711594553_n 11401121_390285037843575_4156637973704440659_n

Btw saw a Naruto trailer:

10649970_392469340943764_7276989213841041456_n11227600_397970447060320_4495444017637900362_n 11537812_511209969031127_2081124095628605360_n1908013_395761527281212_5072728899307967192_n 11666098_673207712809388_8991340883279057187_nOh yeah Plastic Memories too.

I just ruined your feels. Blame meh:3

Anime: Plastic Memories
c to the owner


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