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[League of Legends] I like Gold.

No, not kinpatsu. I love them girls, but not that what I am talking about now. Um… this one related to how rejected(kinbatsu) is similar sounding to blonde hair(kinpatsu).

And so I tried to get these Golds. More. MORE. I like being rich.

recently playing gold runes haha

Warning: My build can be random since I only play AI, with quite an experience on various champions, therefore allowing me to surely win any matches (in bots game). Especially in Garena SEA (SG/MY) server where my teammates always try-hard to ks others. So play this sort of supporting build is good for everyone.

recently playing gold runes haha3 recently playing gold runes haha2I take most of the gold runes, but in order for me to still play as fun as possible, I took Hybrid Pen. Mark and Cooldown Glyph. So I can still damage them, make a seemingly like an outplay when in fact the AI is just stupid. CD is nice to spam our abilities. In order to make it more fun, get gold items in the game (like a support gold generation item and avarice blade), and then get some defensive items, something to do with mana or mana regen, and then any offensive items, preferably have defensive stats. That way, no matter how noob, or even 1 v 4 I am in the match, I won’t lose. Ever.

Except maybe when I use Braum. Or some other uselessly lack damage, only utility champions.


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