Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

Cute Rom and Ram

2015-06-15-743583Who ever thought those media storage-named girls can be so cute? ❤ Nice job moe anthropomorphism.

Btw Rom is the shorter hair, shy and more friendly one. So this one is Rom. (actually just found out when I was searching for their pic)

2012-05-08-498004 2012-12-21-548120 2013-05-04-576755 2013-07-30-596213 2013-11-02-615681 2014-02-17-634322 2014-02-18-634433 2014-09-08-672034 2015-05-05-732956 2015-05-05-732957 2015-05-06-733010 HDN_The_Animation_Ram HDN_The_Animation_Rom itDBM maxresdefault neptunia_02_01 Rom_and_Ram_team_up rom_chan___ram_chan___old_my_desktop_by_kutao-d7qrk9j


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