Happy father’s day : Anime version

Happy father’s day to all dad out there. Special for today, I would like to share some I believe among the best father figure in anime industry. Well, at least those in anime I have seen. None of these are on certain ranking/who is better. And I might spammed some picture or videos instead of great description about how great they are. 😛

Starting with…

Maes Hughes (Full Metal Alchemist)

He is so proud of his family he annoyed his peers with his love to them.

Look at my beautiful daughter Elicia! Isn’t she adorable?!

Izumi Soujirou (Lucky Star)

Simple coz he take care of Konata Izumi.

Well, not really something we should do IRL, but this is in anime, so he is great to foster like the greatest otaku girl ever. 😛

Furukawa Akio (Clannad)

I will personally say he is the best.

“Of course I am.”

He is funny, either keep making Tomoya’s annoyed/facepalm/facetable/facewall

or apologizing to Sanae for making fun of her bread.

Or act too young for his age, like leaving the store for playing baseball.

Or this fail of disguise lol

Or teaching them youngins things. And regret it.

But the better side of him is how he care so much about his family especially for his daughter Nagisa. He literally give up his dream to stay by her side all the time.

We didn’t give up on our dreams! We changed our dreams into your dream! That’s what parents do! That’s what family does!


He is also quite a good support for his wife, Sanae.

“It’s okay now. You did well. You can cry now.”

Let’s end this with greater impact.

  • Tomoya:In case you were wondering, Sanae’s bread sold out too.
  • Akio:That’s the biggest surprise of them all.
  • Sanae:Akio dear, when you put it like that you make it sound like my bread never sells.
  • Akio:Sanae I love you.
  • Sanae:Although I don’t know what that has to do with selling bread, I love you too Akio.

He is so great a person. xD

Daikichi (Usagi Drop)

I have never read the manga, so I still say he is a great father. Although Kaga Rin isn’t exactly his daughter. To be honest,  I might never be able to take care of a child like him. Or any of these great anime characters.

He sacrificed his big position in company. He took care of her when she has fever. He asked for advice from more experienced friends.

Kurosaki Isshin (Bleach)

Although at first he didn’t seems that important, he always showed affections to his family. Well, let’s just say his treatment to Ichigo is “special”. He is funny too. I wonder why they showed these fathers as funny people?

Kinomoto Fujitaka (Cardcaptor Sakura)

He always find time for his family. I can’t remember much about it, the last time I watched the anime is like, a decade ago. But I think he is the first father figure that ever bake a cake in any entertainment media I have ever watched.

Spirit Albarn (Soul Eater)

He might not be that great of a dad (Maka hate him lol), but he truly love her.

He tried his best but sometimes it backfired. Though sometimes throughout the series (and manga series) he has given Maka some advice to go through her conflicts.


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