Colorful Random Anime Art [9 June 2015]

A great thing about internet is the vast information, thus the high probability of finding new things, even among anime arts. I was just going around randomly and saving all these colorful anime art I saw, any of them that catch my eyes in few hours ago, and that folder has grown quite big. Like 124 of them.

[So please be warned, there are a lot of them in this one page]


I am not that good in keeping them though, so I will push them into this blog. Hehe… I really should use something like pinit or heartit or tumblr or whatever pic website thingy next time… but that means less anime pic post for this blog… Hmm… I’ll just put them in photobucket.

Anyway, enjoy. Make sure not to die from any cuteness. Not like ALL of these are cute, but still. 😛

*sigh* so many of them…. *continue copy paste image link

Sometimes I wonder if I am actually just want people attentions by doing these. Maybe I am, love getting “Likes” on this blog. But I am sure, half of the reason is I really want to share what I got.
*Imagine there are so many original anime art. Some are so awesome but we never seen them simply ‘coz it is not in manga/anime series. We should give more appreciation to them. So go to pixiv or something and support them. 😛 Or spread them around like what I am trying to do 😀


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