Anime, Kiniro Mosaic

I forgot Oomiya Shinobu’s birthday


It was June 6, few days ago. >_<;; Voiced by Nishi Asuka, Shinobu is the ninja…

*cough* I mean the blonde lover of Kiniro Mosaic, one of the cutest anime right now (with some yuri undertones *winks*).

Well, with Shinobu and Alice Cartelet is like “a must pair” in every art she has in the internet… So Yeah. XD

50747984_p0 50755063_p0 50757846_p0 50758738_p0 50759315_p0

Enjoy the collection of art I found just now on various sites on the web.

69ddbe641a5da3c965d6190bb131c17a 871776ae64a2d1b8e89fcfc56eb01865 40179953_p0 46165366_p0 49804395_p0 49950451_p0


69ddbe641a5da3c965d6190bb131c17a Oomiya.Shinobu.full.1564964 Kiniro.Mosaic.full.1558251 Oomiya.Shinobu.full.1565526 Kiniro.Mosaic.full.1605689 Kiniro.Mosaic.full.1882293 Cross-Over.full.1726612 sample-7e2b3de3ce571e8a033231f8b7e1e28d 50578691_p0 50221299_p0 fec4660947421190246bd515bcb4929e 871776ae64a2d1b8e89fcfc56eb01865 50222996_p0 50194964_p0 50293218_p0 46165366_p0 40179953_p0 49804395_p0 50014566_p0 sample-1ec4cfe5af5782eca4e54e59716a233b e62a0bef2bf118c127f6c6726f391a7c sample-f36365271de94fe24218dd67dc463cbdKiniro.Mosaic.full.1730964Kiniro.Mosaic.full.1559573Kiniro.Mosaic.full.1690692Kiniro.Mosaic.600.1869524Kiniro.Mosaic.600.1810531Kiniro.Mosaic.full.1729543Kiniro.Mosaic.600.1810530Kiniro.Mosaic.full.1535905Kiniro.Mosaic.full.1472825Oomiya.Shinobu.600.1558566Kiniro.Mosaic.600.1188143Kiniro.Mosaic.600.1579357Kiniro.Mosaic.full.156743049950451_p0638860


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