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Let’s see how many things I am multi-tasking right now:


1. the usual League of Legends.

2. SDO-X

(btw is there anyone knows why the hell the “Love Mode” cam is so fucked up right now?)

3. Life is Strange game. Currently in chapter 2.

4. Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 1. This might be the only RPG I am not cheating… >_> I swear.

5. Sunrider Mask of Arcadius.

On phone:
6. Deemo. This game is fun, in term of it is a rhythm game that also tell story from the pictures, and the songs themselves. Who is the fallen Girl, Deemo, and the Masked Lady?

7.LLSIF! Although I rarely open it now… I hate the stamina thingy, I can’t practice the same song forever like Cytus/Deemo.

8.Cytus. The Amazing rhythm app that is Cytus. I still average player though.

9. Peak. You play games to improve you brain skills. I don’t play much recently too. Oh well.

on Internet:
10. Blog. This blog. But I don’t update it much recently… haha.
11. Facebook. ‘coz it is the easiest to see whatever about my LoL, Deemo, Cytus, LLSIF! and anime related news there.

12. Black Rock Shooter the Game. I love this even though the game is easy enough, and kinda weird story, not like the original storyline I see in original music clip/anime.

13. Valkyria Chronicles 2. There is an anime of the game series. I bought the first game in Steam, but didn’t finished it yet I think. Maybe coz my laptop broke on that time.


12:Akame Ga Kill

13. Black Bullet

14. .hack/Roots

15. Gakuen Alice. This reminds me of the time where anime is actually cute and funny instead of having too much fan-service.

16. Grisaia no Rakuen. I just found out his sister has a bro-con to him, and his master has did it with him, and also JB.

…this guy is a chick magnet. literally. And he get them all in the bed wtf… >_>;

17. Welcome to NHK. Still didn’t start it, but it is lingering like a ghost in my HD.

18. Non Non Biyori. A slice of life, of course I am taking it, especially with some yuri undertones… although the senpai is loli, which kinda… um… makes me laughed more that I should instead of shipping them.

19. Wake up Girls! Although to be honest, I hate the series. It does show some things (scammed, fan-service to attract audition) that may/may not happened in the real entertainment industry, but… it was too much about it I think the anime itself is doing exactly same thing. Just look at the OVA’s ending. lolz. I don’t need the panty shots, you ruined the “try hard to overcome hardship” of the anime.

20. Soul Eater NOT! (actually already finished it… and I can’t believe they managed to keep it slice of life despite being a Soul Eater spinoff. Even at the ending, now that’s amazing of anime adaptation. How the hell they did that?

I still hate the ending for original anime adaptation though.

21. Hello Kiniro Mosaic. Duh. I need to watch the recently aired episode soon. Soon. I’ll put something that will FORCED YOU TO WATCH IT.

22. Great Teacher Onizuka. ‘coz it is great. I think I watched it before, but only now I actually understand wtf is going on.

23. Hibike! Euphonium. Well… I don’t actually want to see it. ‘coz it is similar to K-on!, but it isn’t. And yet I am watching. I am weird.

oh more PC games:
24. Final Fantasy XIII. The overheating of my laptop keep my from playing it until the end. the storyline also kinda… suck. It was as if the story was put together after the game is finished. Some may disagree but I don’t like it. Stretching way way too long time for something that can be solved like, few minutes of confessions. I only played it for Lighting. (I heard from my brother that played the sequel on XBOX, it still do the fucking same point of story later..)

25. Dreamfall Chapters coz it is like a visual novel. I love story. I think ‘coz I was a reader when I was younger, so I love getting new stories.

26. Lichdom Battlemage. The amazing almost unlimited magic slinging and combo, just depends on what YOU wanna do. And the level. And the story progression. And… well… I don’t know. It is great game. I suck though.

27. Standstill Girl. This is actually an amazing RPG with great storyline for a free indie game.

and……… maybe I will try watching
28. Show by Rock! for cute cyan and the possible yuri undertones. the 3d thingy is… just ignore it.

oh also that weird loli short anime
29. Military!

So many of them…My high level curiosity added with my lack of focus and the tendency to get bored fast is dangerous.


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