Anime Facebook Post of the Day

I used to share all post from Facebook (or rather stole them) and post them here. Today I wanna collect them that I want to share in just one post here. 🙂 Enjoy



it’s her bday apparently. And for anyone who went to fanime, did you enjoy your time? If there was an overly energetic and outright silly door guard for dealers…that was me 😀
Hopefully I wasn’t too annoying lol
11059764_915755915147725_2208362806906142146_oAlice being jealous :3
So cute ❤

Anime: Hello! Kiniro Mosaic



Lovely IA~


I wonder why Tomoya forgot all the wonderful things that Naoyuki did for him.. 😦


11262442_374966952694003_5629602262192514584_nNon non Biyori second season will be aired this July

Link for PV



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