The misuse of “Yunocchi”

I love Yuno or Yunocchi from Hidamari Sketch.


X-shaped hair pin for the win!

I decided to get another cute picture of her for my Windows User Profile picture. And then I found out, there are some people out there using “Yunocchi” as tag for Yuno Gasai (Future Diari/ Mirai Nikki).


How the hell you confused a yandere girl with a cute innoncent loli character?

Well, it is true they have same name. But Yuno from Hidamari Sketch is among the rare non-mystery main characters in anime that have no family name, so I always refer to her as Yunocchi to avoid it. But no, please no nobody ever ever called Yuno Gasai with my beloved Yunocchi. >_<

Their characters are different. They are practically from different anime. Yunocchi, I believe, is more widely used to refer to Yuno from Hidamari Sketch. So I beg of you netizen, to take notice of this and stop the wrong usage of “Yunocchi”, the sacred nick-name for her.




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