How to be attractive in anime

I realized to make yourself attractive (at least how they anime characters do) is to show off the good side of you.


Like for small posture girl, they show off their hips, or short skirt. for big boobs, well… they can just wear something to reveal it more..


For smart characters, they showed off their amazing analytic skill or something.


And active girls with their cheerful but a bit ditsy personality.

Being funny.

Hardworking guy that try to catch up with others.

being mischievous children and get away with it.

Innocent girls asking about certain things they better off not knowing…

Or some more ways they are using that usually doesn’t exist much IRL, like panty shots…


or get naked. Or swimsuit.


Or being flirty…

or yuri moment. 😛


lolz. Can’t you just give them awesome clothes. Doesn’t means they have to use sexy clothes, short skirts, or the recent ribbons. That blue ribbons driving me crazy…

I wanna kill this spam in my facebook feeds.

Guys love it, when they put in fan service. But I think we should reduce those for real contents.


Not that my fav genre “Slice of Life” anime actually have contents, but still…


As example, I think Kiniro Mosaic​ is better than Is infinte stratos​ . Oh, and it starts to have way too many similar characters nowadays…. just look at hibike euphonium. The changing name is pretty original, but I feels like I don’t want to watch it. Also like Show by Rock, that actually come from a game, but the anime feels forced, with too much of stereotypes. main character do look cute though.

Thats enough rambling for today. cya.



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