(Butchered) Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) – Gotye

I know I don’t post much these days. It is kinda hard with lack of mobile internet, and then I was interrupted many times by my little brother that just finished his diploma to play with him in various Co-Op games. He is good in games compared to me. But he is playing too much.

Anyway, sorry for that rambling, and anyway again…

I used to listen to this one girl, that is like a one-women-band. She can produce a… um.. video, usually butchered song (whatever that means) by herself. Literally. Well, with some video combination software or something, so she will do like acapella solo band thingy, doing all various sounds and different part of singing (including chorus) and combined them all into one.

She is amazing. Introducing, a Malaysian … um… artist(?), takaharasuiko


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