Anime, Hidamari Sketch


It has been a while since I actively spamming my blogs. I was a little busy with watching anime, playing games, and playing with my little brother in Terra MMORPG. I don’t really like it, coz I don’t have that much interest in it. And we need to spend quite some time in it, plus I just don’t know how to buy potions. Playing as Cleric removed that need though, with my lil bro playing as tanky Lancer.

Anyway…. I want to keep up with this blog again, and then I saw Yuno (fictional character’s Facebook page) posted a cute pic of Yuno. So I spammed Yuno today. Yuno best anime girl for me 🙂

Copyright to Ume-sensei, original creator of Yuno and Hidamari SKetch, and also to all artist that drew all these artwork and posted them on Pixiv.46751159_p0 tumblr_lkv2zkQKXL1qa8kz9o1_40044002642_p044052103_p0405866154141881244052347_p045416404_p045674605_p045889095_p045972854_p047347719_p047485027_p047538048_p047682783_p0_master120043316307_p1_master12004074817243419445_p047874329_p048399793_p048069950_p048229823_p048418722_p2_master120048418722_p1_master120047989141_p048995729_p10_master120048459184_p048995729_p6_master120049833318_p049359218_p044052103_p0 44002642_p0 45037404_p0 47765936_p0 43455382_p0 43325639_p0 43324586_p0 43324023_p0 43320208_p0 45275991_p0I Really miss Yunocchi… I might re-watched Hidamari Sketch after finished Chihayafuru, and Non Non Biyori.CDNyRx4UUAARzgH sddefault 1429437057652 1429466641555 Hidamari.Sketch.full.1414635U6cn9yQ


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