The Sims Players Confess Their Most Evil Deeds

I just played for fun, but these players really have done bad things to them. I can’t never ever do what they have done.



One thought on “The Sims Players Confess Their Most Evil Deeds

  1. totesenota says:

    I once invited the neighborhood for a nice, casual social gathering. Once they all came (I was a very charismatic sim, they all loved me) I locked the gates behind them. They wanted cake, but plot twist: there was no cake. I intended for them to starve on my front lawn while my sim looked on from above in her five-story mansion. They suffered, pissed their pants, but they never starved. The only thing keeping them alive was a bit of the game’s programming. Their pure will to survive manifested as lag in my game. Soon, it had gotten so bad that I was left with no choice but to unlock the gates. They left my house: tired, hungry, smelly, but victorious. The thing that caught my eye the most, however, was the fact that the guests harboured no ill-will towards the very sim that invited them to their suffering. That is when I realized something.
    Sims are the strongest, most selfless individuals in the entire universe.

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