Moe Girl Cafe is quite fun


Introducting Moe Girl Cafe by Cat Studio HK where we basically manage a cafe of cute maids.



I have been playing for a few days and it has lvl up to lvl 3 cafe. Hehe. Quite amazing considering I am bad in strategy and management.

I have Ika Musume as cook and maid, Horo Fox girl as maid coz she run the fastest, and someone I dunno be hostess since she has best charm. There are about a dozen maids waiting to serve my customers. I almost got all recipes too. And who is female protagonist in Sword Art Online? Asuna also there, I just got her today. She will beat Horo in terms of spd.

The boring part of the game is all best part required purchase with real money 💵.  You can collect the achievement reward but it will take some time.


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