Anime, The iDOLM@STER

I’m re-watching Idolmaster


I rewatch the original series after 6 episodes of Cinderella Girls. The cinderella is… Well.. Some characters are like a copy from other characters kinda ruin it, and the story is not that engaging, not pulling me in. So rewatch the Idolmaster using Daisuki app. That keep.crashing…


First episode is fun. Introduction of each girl nicely. I compared to cinderella girls and all I remember is the useless almost no impact sleeping girl. Well… I should not doing that.


And the next featuring iori . And the nextfor other characters . I can’t stop clicking next episode because I’m so immersed with it, wanted more and more . Whole time I kept remembering how hard to take care of them in psp version I played.

It is so memorable anime series. I bet better than love live, so why love live is having more impact now?

Coz of SIF. Love live school idol festival android app is part of them being… Umm.. Promoted? I can’t explain well. It’s true the.char in love live can be loveable, but I think I also love at a little higher degree for our Idolmaster. They are the only idols or rather, collection of characters in a series that I can’t put a list of top 3, coz they are all great, they all take my interests. I can still like, meh I dun exactly love Nozomi or Eli. Can understand why u love them, but not me. Nico has interesting bipolar char that she made kinda… But I won’t be able to deal with her IRL.


While in idolmaster we have producer that is having hard time producing and afraid of dogs, while being the love interest possibility for all the girls. Ritsuko is awesome, ex idol that works as producer, the one actually starting the popularity for 765 pro. I dun think IRL exist any producer that also sing on stage….
Ditzy cheerful always positive as long as with everyone Amami Haruka. She always fall haha.
Ami and Mami is amazing twin trickster, they are so funny. Half of the comedy comes from them.
Hibiki the beast master, but eat their (her pets’) foods… I dun understand why… Lol. So they keep running away.
Miki sleeping but genius idol girl. She as I see as the best in all around(beautiful but cool, talented, can dance and sing well) with love for onigiri.
Makoto the prince of the team. Yukiho loves Makoto, she is definitely so fucking cool, she can become… I think I just thought of her as a guy… Anyway, love magnet for yuri there.
Yukiho is so innocent! I want to protect her, but Makoto is there already Damn.

Chihaya is so cool,she is the singing queen no doubt. And so beautiful when she started smiling more.

Iori.the stuck.up princess. I don’t usually deal well with tsundere, nice to watch on TV but IRL it’s bad … Except Iori. Coz she has that bunny Charles. Remember honey senpai from certain reverse harem host club anime? These are so.adorable.

Azusa keep getting lose, but I wonder if she actually was looking for a boyfriend/husband… That would.explain her lacks sense of direction, but somehow so lucky.

Takane is one of those rare mysterious char that actually funny despite being totally serious. She is similar to moon princess.

Yayoi hi touch poor girl but love her siblings. I love her so much too.

And don’t forget Kotori our closet otaku?! She can sing despite no training in being idols. She sing for VIPs. That is not a joke. That office girl is overpowered if she ever start having lesson, but the series will keep her as she is, and she is perfect like that.

Oops typed too.much, I need to continue my marathon.


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