My Love Live Journey and Meeting My Favorite, Rin : SchoolIdolFestival


Someone was telling the story of how he comes to love Hoshizora Rin.


It was an interesting read. I wanted to share my story too,but I can’t remember well how. I’ll try anyway.

I watched Love Live! after iDOLM@STER series that get me interested in idol anime, and J-idols too.  Or J-pop, like Attack All Around. I don’t really like, or even remember some of the characters name on that time, I was quite obsessed with Idolmaster. Even now I still think Idolmaster is better.

Except Rin. I forgot Hanayo name but I remember Rin name. One of the reasons would be I use Rin as my username too. So I kinda seeing myself there. Hehe.

But.more importantly, another reason is I always love energetic or genki and a little tomboyish anime girls. And she said nya~ at the end of her sentences , like our current anime trend of obsessing with poi. I love cats too. And that short hair. And she is funny.

But I still didn’t really remember her much on that time. I not sure what other anime I was gung-ho on that time. Maybe hidamari sketch, my all time favorite.

Until I watched season 2 of Love Live!

Btw I said Wtf when I see Honoka became president, and that weird faster than sound spinning…

And here they gave her a chance to shine, at episode 5. She was not.confident she is cute. I bet a lot of you will disagree with her opinion,  she is like the cutest. Well, I dun see it yet, until I saw.her with that skirt in.front of mirror.

How the hell.I never see this girl as.like the cutest one ever. Is it even possible for her to be cute, tomboyish at same time, and even so fucking cool 😎 with her friendship with Hanayo? Or that clothes she wear during snow Halation ?

RinPana ❤

Cool, cute, awesome…

Umm… I'm getting sidetracked. I think other member of muse have better voice though. But this Hoshizora Rin has like unlimited stamina I think she can out perform anyone else in everything. She was running for Nico the whole school and still breath normally, maybe no sweat at all lol. Well, except big breast if u into that, but not me.

And so, just like other member said,she is the cutest and girliest girl in the team. Plus that cat personality . And she was the one they chose as replacement center so it kinda obvious she is the best. For me anyway .


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