Today is such a WTF Day.

It was a busy day at work. I was being a good person, trying to come earlyto work, actuallyworking despite some headaches. Tuck in my shirt, I hate doing that. I was really looking forward to my laptop, the one I repaired until I can play League of Legends. It was my hard-earned RM200 no Matter how stupid looking it is.

I was quite late coming home. Give the bones from my lunch my cat.. Talk a bit with mum while watching silly cartoon. That Rescue Power Rangers thingy and Teen Titans. Finally remember my laptop. Even give my youngest sister play my phone, something I rarely do, coz I have laptop now, I can be kind enough.

And that laptop won’t turn on for some reason. Wtf.

Is it another short circuit?  But the last time it coz of a screw screwed in too tight.  I barely have any on it now. Or perhaps that cooling liquid I bought cheap from computer store… It happened exactly same way. Broken exactly the next day I applied it. Or maybe the power extension?


What should I do? Is it really true trying hard is useless?  I’m not clever, nor strong nor good looking nor whatever…  So I am destined to lose everything I worked hard on? Any of them?

I need to calm down.

Future plan. Desktop. Upgradable and easier to repair. Now I just had to work about 3-5 months… Just hope no more sudden broken pc or I will start suspecting my family for intentionally destroying my precious computers. It happened before with my yugioh card collection…  I wonder how many of them was thrown away?

Can I actually pursue any interest I have without any obstacles? Any? I want to learn martial art but my dad said I will bully others. I want to learn drum but I am too poor to buy one. I..  -Sigh-

Maybe that laptop magically turned on again. Or not…


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