My anger for those not serious in promise

It’s rinscribblemode time!

Which means I’m rambling nonsense again. You can continue to other post coz it might be a bit depressing.

My laptop broke in the past, so I am pretty much don’t play pc games now. I wish to have one soon. And I happened to come across an advertisement at a broken monitor laptop sold for only Rm 200.

That is too cheap. So I contact that guy Riz, and we have a deal. I also covered for the postal RM 20 based on what we see online at poslaju.

because he used different bank and my bank don’t have online Transfer to other bank… So I have to go to ATM directly , but I had to do it next day evening after work.

Day 2: he asked me when I going to transfer it at about 4pm, and I told him later at nite, I’m in middle of work. Then I successfully transfer it and he said he will pack and send it.

Day 3: he said he only got th e box and form but still dun send it.

Day 4: he was going to send it. We were talking about wireless hack. He asked if I want to have the ebook.  Isaid no, coz it will.delayed the delivery. That evening he said he already send it, it

was Thursday so it will reach next Monday or Tuesday.

Day 9

I was waiting for several days until the await days…. And it never came.

Wtf.? That seriously pissed me off. Nobody betrayed my trust and get away I think. He fucking lied to me. He crossed the line.

So I contacted him again with a very angry mood. He said he was waiting for charger he bought online . He never said anything about any problem with the charger.

He didn’t even try to apologize for his misinformation. I waited for a week for it, when it should have arrive. He lost my trust and I dropped all friendly tone I have, to the most serious business like I can. Coz fuck that’s better than me coming to his house in Sibu and I slap him.

Uh… I should backspace but rinscribble is about rambling what I think, and I definitely think of teaching that boy a lesson.

I said to him to send it as soon as possible.  I comments about his lie to me while at it. And also used his islam religion as another blackmail coz they sensitive that way. Almost gonna say I will report to police but I held it in. I still can be patient… But I pressures him. I also told him to use bus instead of postal, coz it is faster cheaper and still safe. Bus asia will pay RM 1000 if item gone missing. My little brother alway use it.

Day 9( today)
He still want to use postal, coz it is too far. Yeah… Right. Maybe it’s true, but I am doubtful. Just 30 minutes of travel, and it was his fault in the first place. There also insurance in poslaju to make sure it safe, and he wanted me to pay that. Again. Fucking…. 

*deep breath *

I am not going to pay it. And as we see in the resit, I

already paid enough for it, just another 3 ringgit he can cover that at least. He got 220 in his bank and even money to buy another charger of coz he can pay that small amount.

So what we can learn here.?

I hate it so very much when someone betrayed my trust. In exchange I will hate them for the rest for my life. Forever.

Stand up, dun let it be or you will lose your life being stomped on by people. I see some people just let it be when something is definitely wrong.

Dun trust people. Pay just half and pay the rest after receiving it. Or so Cod. Cash on delivery. Meet in person.

It was really my fault I guess.. But still, for a Rizal bin Brahim to do that kinda increase my less than respect attitude to them Muslim. Just one you said? It still happening. And this is not just one event involving them that make me don’t like them. Some are nice, but still hate these bad ones.

Then again I’m not that religious either so…

And more moral… Ask people that have experience. My little brother used to this business thingy so his advice help this immature me. He was the one that told me about bus carrying item for us is cheaper.

I should have stay calm though,  I think I have fever now. I rarely get angry unless I’m at home lolz, or when it go against my belief / set of rules / principles. No one touch my laptop. No one touch my shoes. Or put it anywhere else other than where I put them. You interfere with my habit and you won’t hear the end of it. I will remember for along time. I’m as loyal a person as I am very vengeful. Idealists always like that I guess.

Ah… That one thing off my mind and heart.  Still need to be careful coz it still dun reach my hand, that laptop. And here I thought Internet purchase can be safe if we use proper channel like when I bought that waterproof Led iron samurai bracelet watch.  It reached me in 3 days. It is working properly. And it is cheap RM 20 as original compared to my fake watches RM 35 that broke just coz I sometimes hit it with water when washing hand. Well, a fake Imitation of coz right?

I should get going. We need cuteness to heal these.


One thought on “My anger for those not serious in promise

  1. Hey, If you get angry, Pretend people are Veggies! ,ha ha.???
    Though seriously speaking, If you can’t keep promises, don’t make them. DON’T even utter the word! People will know this if they watch Doraemon!..
    And about PC Games, okay?
    The one game you MUST have is Devil May Cry 4….It has nice graphics+stylish action+Nice Story which makes it the best in it’s own genre!


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