Just rambling

So you can go on past this post. If you not interested in reading.

I was reading other blogs when it came to me (again ) how un-blog-like my blog is. I think I might better at tumblr.  But then again, I have no specific interesting thing to shared so I thought this blog is the most suitable kind for me.

Umm… I was going away from my original point. You know how some have this personalized feels to their blog. Like, it is as if a journal or diary of their life. It seems a lot more interesting than random stuff I shared.

Which is random, but mostly just anime pic I find cute.

Would people interested in these? I dunno. IRL they will look down at me simply coz they are either Chinese that hate Japan still(u know, umm, since I’m learning Japanese instead of Mandarin, listening to Love Live instead of those Chinese New Year song they put on loop for like 3 MONTHS) or coz gamers are rubbish. I doubt I actually managed to say anything more than 10 sentences about what I love or currently interested in when talking to others.

It was as if I don’t get any friends that have similar interests. Even 1 guy that play games will play only one game, wants me to follow him but never consider about my interest in League of Legends, Love Live, visual novel, psp, Cytus, anime, Manga, persona series, Idolmaster, love plus,….

Ah Damn stop asking me to join CoC. I’m busy with two Love Live and various things I love, not to mention I dun make progress on my Japanese learning, muet preparation and drum learning.

Hmmmm… I guess nobody will.

So for this one little guy making a blog that is keep changing in its contents like the mind of the author… Would anyone on Internet interested in it?

Probably. Which is why I.started this blog. So I can share and ramble like this. Just like I used to a anime forum, . I can be myself, the one others don’t accept. But in Internet we can find those with similar interests.

The problem is, I have no specific interest or mastery over any of them. I dun watch that many anime, dun read many manga, dun.listen that many Jpop or vocaloid, confident with my writing simple English but not that great for speaking, I only have a pair of drumsticks, my laptop is broken, I’m not very keen in involving myself with competitive environment (play AI only in League of Legends ), just barely survived Expert mode in Love Live, play cheats in game,  use walk-through for visual novel, I have cute plant in my phone… *yawn* i am still learning baking chocolate Instant cake….

I’m sleepy. I also like martial art but I dun even finish any basic training. Im so weak one time a female is bringing a heavier items than mine from our store.. I’m shorter than my little brothers. At least I’m slim though. Since Form 3 about 15 years old maintained body.

Wtf am I even typing here?

Hmmmm Maybe I’m still looking for my identity,  or I lack spiritual food, or I try to fill the void in my heart with various new things to distract me.


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